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A Bibliography of applications of O.R. in West AfricaA Bibliography of applications of Operational Research in Sub-Saharan AfricaA Multiobjective Model for Planning The Exports of Developing Countries
A Novel Mathematical Model for Robust Green Urban Waste CollectionA Review of Infrastructure Modelling for Green LogisticsA Review of R(C)MARS and (C)MARS with a Comparison Study
A System Dynamics Model For Improving Primary Education Enrollment In A Developing CountryA System Dynamics Model To Study The Importance Of Infrastructure Facilities On Quality Of Primary Education System In Developing CountriesA combinatorial auction improves school meals in Chile: a case of OR in developing countries
A heuristic decomposition method for large-scale traffic assignment: Aburra Valley case studyA methodology for assessing eco-efficiency in logistics networksA new exact algorithm for solving single machine scheduling problems with learning effects and deteriorating jobs
A problem-structuring method for complex societal decisions: Its philosophical and psychological dimensionsA review of trade credit literature: Opportunities for research in operationsA system dynamics model for intentional transmission of HIV/AIDS using cross impact analysis
Addressing some Global Challenges with Earth-observing Satellite Data, New OR-Analytics and the Human FactorAdvances in Mechanics and MathematicsAdvances in Mechanics and Mathematics Volume 25
Agriculture and Rural Communities Are Resilient to High Energy CostsAirline Passengers in Developing Countries Face 13 Times Risk of Crash as U.S., First World, Says Transportation Science StudyAn overview of APSIM, a model designed for farming systems simulation
Analysis of the Influence of Global Threats on the Sustainable Development of Countries and Regions of the World Using Bayesian Belief NetworksAnalyzing the sustainability of harvesting behavior and the relationship to personality traits in a simulated Lotka–Volterra biotopeApache OFBiz
Application of Grey Clusters in the Development of A Synthetic Model of the Goals of Polish Family Enterprises' SuccessorsApplications of Fast-Moving RFID Tags in High-speed Railway SystemsApplied Probability Notes
ArangoDBAssessment of External Cost as an Aggregated Indicator of Sustainable Industrial Development - Air Pollution Case Study in UkraineAwesome R
Balaban Valley Project:Improving the Quality of Life in Rural Area in TurkeyBibliometric Overview of Operations Research/Management Science Research In AsiaBlockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure
BokehBubbles, Crises, and PolicyCMPL
COIN-OR Optimiser SuiteCOIN-OR ProjectsCapacity-building for health research in developing countries: a manager’s approach
Case Study on Logistics PerformanceCassandraCentralised reallocation of emission permits using DEA
ChartsBinChina's QE in the Context of Economic Long-Wave TheoryClimate Change: A Complex Societal Process; Analysing a Problem according to the Compram Methodology
Climate Impact on Snow Extent Variability in Lesotho (Southern Africa)Clustvis: a web tool for visualizing clustering of multivariate dataCombined Simulation-Optimization of a Coastal Aquifer by Using Genetic Algorithm
Combined Simulation-Optimization of an Excavation Site for Dewatering PurposeCommunication Networks:Modeling Modern Multimedia TrafficCommunity-Based Operations Research
Community-Based Operations Research: Introduction, Theory and ApplicationsCommunity-Based Operations Research Decision Modeling for Local Impact and Diverse PopulationsCommunity-Based Operations Research Opportunities abound to ‘do good with good O.R.
Community Health Worker Assessment and Improvement Matrix Operations ResearchCommunity OR and OR for Development: A South African PerspectiveComputing Pareto-Optimal Transit Routes Through Mathematical Algorithms
Conflict Theory, Complexity and Systems ApproachContribution to the Collaborative Work in Virtual Organization - a Case StudyCost Analysis for Educational Policymaking: A Review of Cost Studies in Education in Developing Countries
Current status of operations research/management science education at the United Arab Emirates business schoolsD3Database of Chernobyl Center in Slavutych
Dataviz ToolsDesign and experimental study of solar agricultural dryer for rural areaDeveloping Regional Capacity in Operations Research and Economic Evaluation in South Asia
Development of the WDS Russian - Ukrainian SegmentDisaster Management Strategies: Financial Perspectives/TCIPDiscrete Event Simulation for Performance Modelling in Healthcare: A Review of the Literature
Double - ended nearest and loneliest neighbour – a nearest neighbour heuristic variation for the travelling salesman problemDygraphsDynamic evolution of economically preferred facilities
EURO 2015Earth observations for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation in developing countriesEffective Real-Time Automated for Trading Academia
Effective local search algorithms for high school timetabling problemsEfficiency and Its Influencing Factors Analysis of E-commerce based on DEA and Tobit ModelEfficient Multiple Objective Neural Network Mapping of State-Wide High School Student Achievement
Emerging infrastructure policy issues in developing countries: A survey of the recent economic literatureEnergy Security Cost as an Externality - Increased Gas Import Price and Economy of UkraineEntrepreneurial universities in Iran: a system dynamics model
Environmental performance analysis of Chinese industry from a slacks-based perspectiveEnvironmental protection zones priorization for the decision making supportExhibit
Exploiting Network Structures on Engineering Design ProblemsExploring Success Factors of Social Infrastructure Projects in MalaysiaExtended Deming's Model and Linear Programming Approach for Agriculture Land Use for Energy Crops Management: A Case Study of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Factors Inhibiting the Adoption of a Uniform Pricing Mechanism for Building ServicesFarm Operations ResearchFinance, Economics and Nature: Stochastic Optimal Control under Shifts, Switches and Impulses
Fisheries management and operations researchFlareForeign direct investment in infrastructure in developing countries: does regulation make a difference?
Fractional Snow Cover Mapping from Modis Data over European Alps by Multivariate Adaptive Regression SplinesFree and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) - Oceania 2018 Presentation VideosFrom Poisson to the Present: Applying Operations Research to Problems of Crime and Justice
GNU OctaveGRASSGephi
Global Analysis of Sustainable Development in Context of Quality and Security of Human LifeGovernment Policy For Urban Poor Community Management In Developing Countries: Case Study - ThailandGreen supply chain management in China: Pressures, practices and performance
GretlHandling Complex Societal ProblemsHarvest planning in the Brazilian sugar cane industry via mixed integer programming
Healthcare Research in Developing Countries: Ethical IssuesICORD - EURO ORD Workshop 2014IFORS 2014
Improving carpool flexibility without compromising trust or guaranteed ridesInformation Management and ValuationInformation Media and Migration – Channels, Content and Culture
Infrastructure asset managementInsight MakerIntegrated Bus Transit Scheduling for the Beijing Bus Group based on a Unified Mode of Operation
Integration of the Ukrainian Science into the World Data SystemIntellectual Property and Developing Countries: Freedom to Operate in Agricultural BiotechnologyIntelligent Analysis and the Systemic Adjustment of Scientific Data in Interdisciplinary Research
Interactive Data Visualizations for the WebInternational Abstracts in OR (IAOR)Interrelation Between Kondratieff Cycles and Global Systemic Conclicts
Investigating academic performance of migrant students: A system dynamics perspective with an application to TurkeyJavaJoint IFORS - EURO ORD Workshop
LeafletLessons from the Asian crisisLiBerated Social Entrepreneur Using Business Metrics: MIGPORT Refugee Big Data Analytics
MIGPORT Rewind 2018MOOCs: OR Courses for Free!Main Page
Meeting global health challenges through operational research and management scienceMethodology of Scenario Development Based on Ukrainian Branch of the WDC Interdisciplinary Data on Sustainable DevelopmentMetric Aspects of Periodic Processes in Economy and Society
Modelling in a Dynamic World - for Economics, Finance, Science and EngineeringModelling lipid biosynthesis pathways of oil palm by boolean and graphical approachesModelling of Sustainable Development Processes in Global and Regional Contexts
Modernizing an old industry using Agriculture TechnologyModest MapsMongoDB
Multi-year optimization of malaria intervention: a mathematical modelNew approach for the assignment of new European agricultural subsidies using scores from data envelopment analysis: Application to olive-growing farms in Andalusia (Spain)No materials to-date in this category
Noncoercive Evolution Inclusions for Sk Type OperatorsOR Modeling and Public Policies in Bangladesh: Implementation ChallengesOR for better management of sustainable development
OdooOn OR events of 2015 in Glasgow, UK, from the perspective of OR for Development and Developing Countries (2 articles)On the use of Cross Impact Analysis for Enhancing Performance in Primary School Education
OpenBoxesOpenSolverOpen Door Logistics Studio
Open Education: International Perspectives in Higher EducationOpen RefineOpenstreetmap
Operational Research and Development; "Real World" insights from Health O.R.?Operational Research and Health Care in Low & MediumOperational Research in a Developing Country: The Example of Jordan
Operational research and sustainable development: Tackling the social dimensionOperational research in low-income countries: what, why, and how?Operations Research - Contemporary Role in Managerial Decision Making
Operations Research Applications in the field of Information and Communication TechnologiesOperations Research Applications to Nutrition and ProductionOperations Research Applied to Law Enforcement Operations
Operations Research Methods on Health CareOperations Research and its Prospects in PakistanOperations Research for Green Logistics – An Overview of Aspects, Issues, Contributions and Challenges
Operations Research in the United Arab Emirates Current Status and Future DiffusionOperations Research on ESP Delivery and Community Clinics in BangladeshOptimal Dewatering System of an Excavation
Optimal Groundwater Management Using Evalutionary Algorithms to Prevent Saltwater IntrusionOptimal control of intervention strategies and cost effectiveness analysis for a Zika virus modelOptimal control under stochastic, impulsive, regime switching and paradigm shifting environments
Optimal pricing and ordering policy for non-instantaneous deteriorating items under inflation and customer returnsOptimization for Supply Chain Planning after Disasters with Cooperative Game Theory under UncertaintyPSPP
PULPPandasParticipatory methods for water resources planning
Performance Efficiency of DMMMSU Colleges and Institutes: A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) StudyPlanning sustainable community health schemes in rural areas of developing countriesPostGis
PostGresPrecipitation Modeling by Polyhedral RCMARSPredicting default probabilities in emerging markets by new conic generalized partial linear models and their optimization
PrefusePrimary Education in Developing Countries: A System Approach to Understand the Factors that Influence the QualityPrimary Health Care Operations Research Project (PRICOR) I and II
Priorización de zonas geográficas mediante el uso de sistemas de información geográfica: Aplicación a un municipio Colombiano (*in Spanish*)Proactive overbooking management to ensure the sky is friendly to flyProblems of scientific research in developing countries
Proceedings of 1st ICSU-WDS Conference Global Data for Global ScienceProcess Performance Management in Higher EducationPromoting O.R. : The Science of Better
Prospects and limitations of operations research applications in agriculture and agricultural policyPuLPPyPy
Quality Management & Design of Robust ProductsQuality of Primary Health Care in Developing Countries: Recent Experiences and Future DirectionQuantification of Key Developmental Risks in Africa
R ProjectRawRecommendations for establishing a Research Institute for Global Safety
Reference governor optimization and control of a distributed solar collector fieldRelevance and Utility Issues for Research in Developing CountriesRenewable Energy Technologies for Developing Countries Now and to 2023
Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural DevelopmentRenewable Energy for Rural Areas in AfricaRenewable energy production management with a new harmony search optimization toolkit
Robustness of Reduced-Order Non-Parametric Model for Inverse ECG Solution against Modeling and Measurement NoiseRstudioRuby
Ruby on RailsSDPT3 version 4.0 -- a MATLAB software for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programmingSQLlite
Safety and Security: Operations ResearchSamianSaving Rhinos from Extinction in an Intelligent Way
School uniforms in developing countries: An unnecessary evil? - HypothesisSmart Cities: Better EvacuationSmart Cities: Earthquake “Prediction”
Snow Extent Variability in Lesotho Derived from MODIS DataSocially Responsible DronesSocietal Complexity Research on the Refugee Issue
SolverStudioSolving Complex Logistics Problems with Multi-Artificial Intelligent SystemSolving a Large Real-world Bus Driver Scheduling Problem with a Multi-assignment based Heuristic Algorithm
Some Contribution of Operations Research in Profitable Farm ManagementStatPagesStrengthening the utilisation of family planning operations research: Findings from case studies in Africa
Study on Effect of Functional Competency on Performance of Indian Manufacturing SectorSubmit A MaterialSubmit Material
Sustainability in Healthcare: Combining Organizational and Architectural LeversSustainable Development Analysis: Global and Regional ContextsSustainable energy for Developing Countries
Sustainable production technologies which take into account environmental constraintsSymPyTableau Public
Teaching and training operations research in Jordanian Universities: an empirical studyTerrorist Attacks as a Social ProblemThe Acceleration Method of Development of Transversal Competences in the Students' Practical Training Process
The Application of RFID in Brazilian Harvest Facilities: Two Case StudiesThe Concept of Societal Complexity: Complexity of Health Referral Systems and some examples: Looking at Healthcare System as part of the societyThe Creative Campus: Living Sustainability
The Ecology of Antitrust: Preconditions for Competition Law Enforcement in Developing CountriesThe Effects of Resource Bundling on Third-party Logistics Providers’ PerformanceThe European Mathematical Society
The Kerkenes Eco - Center ProjectThe Potential Role of Operation Research in Mexican Economic, Social and Environmental DevelopmentThe Urban Dynamics Educational Simulator UDES tutorial for a tool to teach agent-based and Land Use and Transport LUT Interactions (model version 1.4)
The Use of Operations Research as a Tool for Monitoring and Managing Food-Assisted Maternal/Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) Programs: An Example from HaitiThe Wisdom of ORThe anticipative concept in warehouse optimization using simulation in an uncertain environment
The changing pattern of operations management in developing countries: The case of BrazilThe effect of operations research on program changes in Bangladesh: Studies in Family PlanningThe global financial crisis and developing countries
The public health and social impacts of drug market enforcement: A review of the evidenceThe role of the public sector in introducing operations research/management science within developing countriesTileMill
To surge or not to surge?Towards Sustainable Development: A Complex ProcessTransportation Interval Situations and Related Games
Two-stage financial risk tolerance assessment using data envelopment analysisTwo Methods of Analysis for Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations"USAID Research: Policy Framework, Principles and Operational Guidance
Understanding Financial Crises: A Developing Country PerspectiveUnicriterion Model: A Qualitative Decision Making Method That Promotes EthicsUniversity of the Western Cape (UWC) and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) Join Hands to Delivering an eLearning Environment for Community Health Workers
Usability of Nomology-based methodologies in supporting problem structuring across cultures: the case of participatory decision-making in Tanzania rural communitiesUsage of Expert Evaluation Methods for Collection of Data about Social SystemsUse of Modern Applied Mathematics in Remote Sensing
Use of location-allocation models in health service development planning in developing nationsUsing Integer Programming for Airport Service Planning in Staff SchedulingValue: Operations Research and the new health care paradigm
Vision 2020: The Role and Scope of Operations Research ModelsVizableVoxel-MARS and CMARS: Methods for Early detection of Alzheimer's Disease by Classification of Structural Brain MRI
WCMFO (hybrid water cycle moth-flame optimization algorithm) source codeWatchmaker FrameworkWorld Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development: State-of-the-art
XmindYWorksZero Fashion
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