2nd Call for Papers

Date: June 30 – July 1, 2016
Venue: Poznan University of Technology, Lecture and Conference Centre – Piotrowo 2, Poznan

It was during the EURO XXI 2006 Conference in Iceland, July 2-5, 2006 that the EURO Working Group on OR for Development was established, a fruit of the work of numerous founding members during a satellite meeting of the conference.

Ever since, annual Workshops had been held to promote and to facilitate communication links among European and other regional researchers working in areas of operational research for development.

On its 10th year, the Group aims to bring together the OR workers in the early stages of their careers who had been involved and who had presented their works in the past Workshops together with the more experienced mentors who guided the Group and enabled it to grow.

Of course, no growth is possible without the participation of others in the community. The Group welcomes new research areas, new members, new tools that will enable a more effective work to achieve growth and development assisted by OR, more specially those areas that address the problems such as hunger, poverty, pollution, massive wealth divide, poor education, inadequate health services, inadequate disaster response, access to government services.

Conference Objective
This conference aims to bring together operations researchers who have used OR tools to address problems in education, health (e.g., spread of infectious diseases), basic public services, water, technology, resource use (physical or financial), infrastructure, agricultural, industrialization, environmental sustainability, energy, unabated population growth and climate change.

Conference Format
Participants will present their papers and paper reviewers assigned in advance will give feedback. All participants will be given all the accepted papers in advance, which will give them time to study the papers. Ample time will be given for discussion of each of the papers presented.

There will also be a plenary session where invited speakers (click here to see list of speakers) will share their experiences in a variety of projects, which have impacted development.

Call for Participants
Participants must submit their work (either full paper or abstract of not less than 1,500 words) by clicking here or emailing their paper to Andres F. Osorio  <hadesfelipe@gmail.com> by March 16, 2016