Elise del Rosario

Triumphs and Travails of an OR Analyst: 3 Cases


This presentation takes a tour of three vastly different experiences for an OR analyst. Three projects are presented . One made it to the top management negotiation table, the second one prevented a move to have the port facilities operated by a single contractor, and the third one had a good reception, only to be ignored once the sponsor was gone. The three projects show that sustained support from the Project Champion is key to a complete implementation of an OR project.

The first project involved rationalization of the brewery facilities in China by a Philippine multinational. A model was developed to determine which of the existing brewery and sales networks joint ventures must be retained and disposed. The OR team was consulted every step of the way, including sensitivity analysis on the price to pay per share to increase holdings in a joint venture. The second OR project results were used by a lobby group to contest the findings that a single contractor must operate the major harbor of Manila. The two-contractor scheme is now in place. The third project optimizes the dispatch of energy generating facilities in the Luzon island grid in the Philippines. The results of the study showed rules of thumb used in the manual dispatching operations were not optimal. The study results were not implemented soon after the project requestor, the Energy Secretary, was replaced.

About the Speaker

Elise del Rosario has been involved in Operations Research (OR) consulting work for private and public sectors upon retirement from the San Miguel Corporation where she held the position of Vice President for Operations Research. She was the 2007-2009 President of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies and has chaired several international OR conferences, served as judge is several international paper competitions, as well as editor of several local and international journals, published papers and keynoted conferences in various countries. She is currently the Chief Finance Officer of the family foundation that aims to uplift public school education in the Philippines. She is currently co-Chair of the EWG ORD.