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The workshop will be held at Poznan University of Technology, Warta (Piotrowo) Campus which is beautifully located on the riverside, next to a recreational area of Malta lake, and within a close and easy reach of the city centre.

The workshop venue is a modern Lecture and Conference Centre (Centrum Wykładowe: CW), room 0210, address: Piotrowo street 2, 60-965 Poznań. The building has been constructed in the last 10 years in such a way that from its three passages you can see the historical symbols of Poznan: City Hall, Cathedral, and Bernardine Church.
The venue is within walking distance of the Ibis Hotel.

Access to Poznań

Air travel
Ławica Airport is located 7 km from the city centre, in the vicinity of the route leading directly to the major city points. It is possible to get to the city centre from the airport using line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station. In line L the ticket price doubles and one can take one piece of luggage free of charge. Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank.

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Other international airports situated approximately to Poznań are Warsaw Chopin Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport, Berlin Schonefeld Airport. Both cities are situated ca. 300 km from Poznań. There is a comfortable train (2,5 – 3h) and bus connection (ca. 4h).
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All trains coming to Poznań stop at Poznań Main Railway Station (Poznań Główny). The Railway Station is composed of two buildings: the Main Hall (Hala Główna) and the West Railway Station (Dworzec Zachodni) connected by a subway.The Railway Station is located in the city centre, just next to the Poznań International Fair venue (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie). In the Main Hall there are kiosks, shops, fast food restaurants, ATM and Glob – Tour tourist information. Passengers can get to the city by tram or bus. To get to the nearest tram stop passengers should take the Main Hall exit. The stop is situated on the right. There, passengers can use trams no. 6, 10, 12 and 18. In the vicinity of the Main Hall exit there is also a municipal bus stop for lines 51, 68 and 76. At night, also night buses approach the stop. TAXI ranks are located next to the Main Hall and the West Railway Station exit.

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PKS Station (Bus Transport Company) is located in Stanisława Matyi street 2. It provides both domestic and international transport services. Apart from ticket offices, kiosks, bar and PKS information point also travel agencies selling tickets for international routes are located in the bus station hall.
Next to the station there are fast food restaurants, ATM, a bookshop and a cake shop.
In front of the station there is a tram stop for lines no. 6, 10, 18 and 12.

You can get to Poznań driving A2 motorway (east – west direction) – a charge is payable for using it; and national routes no. 92, 5 (east – west direction) and no. 11 (north – south).

The city centre is covered by the Parking Zone. Fare is collected for each vehicle parked within the zone. Drivers pay the parking fee in parking meters located along streets in the city centre. The Parking Zone borders are marked with B-39 road sign. Divers coming to the city are recommended to leave their cars in guarded car parks and specially prepared buffer car parking lots placed around the Parking Zone.

Public Transport in Poznań
Poznań is crisscrossed by several tram routes (one at night) and bus lines (twenty at night). During the day these run from around 05:00 to 23:00 with trams and buses running approximately every 10-15 minutes. With a timetable of services both day and night and divided into week day, Saturday or Sunday and Holiday services, public transport is the most efficient mean of getting around the city. Timetables can be viewed by the JakDojade application:

You can use JakDojade on both desktop computer and mobile devices. We recommend using JakDojade whenever planning your journey with public transportation.

Tickets are timed. The cheapest option is 3 PLN for 10 minutes – which might get you 3 or 4 stops. A 40-min ticket for 4.60 PLN is the safer bet. It must be validated in the reader at the entrance to the vehicle. If you plan on travelling often, you may want to consider a 24h or 48h ticket.

Tickets can be bought from automated machines found on most (specially marked) buses and trams as well as at most transport stops (marked with B at the map below).

To travel around the city with public transportation, we recommend using trams

The tram stops which are closest to the workshop venue (Poznan University of Technology, Campus Piotrowo) are Politechnika (1) (trams 5, 13, 16, and 20) and Baraniaka (2) (trams 3, 4, 6, 11, 16, and 27).

The stops closest to the Old Market Square are Wrocławska (5), Małe Garbary (6), and Plac Wielkopolski (7). For the Railway Station, go to Poznań Główny (8) or Dworzec Zachodni (4).

Getting from/to the Airport by Public Transport
There are bus stops right in front of the passenger terminal and in its close vicinity:

• Express Line L is connecting the airport with the main train station (journey time about 20 minutes; distance 6km);
• a regular bus line 59 which starts and finishes at Kaponiera Roundabout (directly in the city centre, close to the main train station; journey time around 30 minutes.

Public transport tickets are available at the newspaper stands both in the arrival hall (in T3 terminal) and in the departure hall (in T2 terminal), as well as in the ticket booth located at the bus stop in front of the departure hall. In all L busses and in some units of line 59, ticket vending machines are available.

The cheapest, safest and most comfortable way to order a taxi is to use one of taxi corporations. This guarantees honest prices and short waiting periods. All corporations offer free-of-charge arrival at the customer`s location.

Start-up fare 6.00 – 7.00 PLN
Normal Tariff (per 1km) 2.00 – 2.50 PLN
Sunday/Night Tariff (per 1km) 3.50 – 5.00 PLN

TAXI Corporations

ph. +48 61 8 519 519
ph.+48 61 8 222 333
ph. +48 61 96 66
ph. +48 61 96 62
ph.+48 61 96 22
ph.+48 61 96 24
ph. +48 61 8 222 222
ph. +48 61 821 62 16

To get with taxi to the workshop venue, indicate “Piotrowo 2” Street (Politechnika Poznańska; Poznan University of Technology) as your destination.

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