IAOR (International Abstracts in Operational Research) is a comprehensive, unique and continually growing electronic reference database. It builds on the rich heritage of its counterpart print product, International Abstracts in Operations Research which has already referenced over 100,000 abstracts in operations research and management science.

This large electronic database is the only dedicated source for bibliographic and abstract information in operations research and management science – sourced from over 200 of the world’s leading journals. The service has a rich functionality without equal in the field. It contains over 60,000 abstracts collected over the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It is fully searchable, and the search tools are state of the art, and very flexible. Because the selection of material is made by people who are knowledgeable in the field, IAOR offers you, whether you are a professional practitioner, a researcher or an academic, an unparalleled database of OR/MS literature. This will enable you to:

• Conduct timely and comprehensive research when writing reports and articles.
• Plan teaching materials.
• Complete bibliographies.
• Check references.

URL: http://www.palgrave-journals.com/iaor/index.html

IAOR also appears in a printed format, in an annual volume of eight issues. Each issue publishes over 550 abstracts, which have been collected from over 200 journals by a team of editors representing the worldwide membership of IFORS. IAOR publishes abstracts from journals world-wide and includes many which are seldom covered elsewhere, thus providing a comprehensive synopsis of current operations research literature.

Many further abstracts are selected from supplemental and specialised journals, whenever these are in any way relevant to the philosophy, methodology, or practice of OR. The IAOR editorial team is particularly alert to published applications of OR. This comprehensive coverage means that IAOR is unparalleled as a printed source of information about the world-wide OR/MS literature.

Each print issue of IAOR is organised into five parts: the Digest, Abstracts and Reviews, Journal Name Abbreviations, Author Index and Subject Index. Placement of the abstracts is arranged according to four major divisions:

• Process oriented.
• Application oriented.
• Technique oriented.
• Professionally oriented.

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