Abstract Submissions

Operations Researchers who have done work in the area of OR for Development are invited to participate. Participants must submit a full paper or extended abstracts of their work which has used Operations Research to help decision-making processes in such areas, but not limited to: sustainability, healthcare, energy, mobility, education, natural resource management, public policy and infrastructure. Purely technical papers, or those that have no relevance in the developmental context, will not be accepted, and papers should clearly describe the relevance of the research to development

The feedback received at ICORD is an opportunity for authors to improve the quality of the paper in a short time.

Extended abstracts (no less than 1,500 words) will be accepted, though full papers (needed for a meaningful review) are preferred.

Those who have participated in previous ICORDs and who have brought their work forward are encouraged to attend to report on developments on their previously presented work. They will also be given priority for the limited slots for delegates who are not presenting papers.

Papers submitted for IFORS Prize for OR in Development are also welcome.  Competition finalists will find it beneficial to present their work in this forum and gather feedback prior to the Triennial Conference Competition.

Submit your full papers or extended abstracts not less than 1,500 words to: icord@ifors.org.