Member Societies
Country: Slovenia
Member Society: Slovenian Society INFORMATIKA-Section for Operational Research (SDI-SOR)
Mailing Address: Vožarski pot 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact Numbers : +386.1.2415.294 / +386 1 4231161;
URL / Website:
President: Mr. Niko Schlamberger
Secretary: Samo Drobne
Treasurer: Katjusa Skukan
Representative: Dr. Lidija Zadnik Stirn
Profile: Section Operating Research (SOR) Slovenian Society Information (SDI) brings together members of Information Society, which deal with operational research. Members of sections have rights and dožnosti in accordance with the statutes of the Slovenian Society Informatics.

Section is based in the premises of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Vožarski pot 12, where it is. Lilijana Jernejčič also arrange for us.
Combining experts in the field of operations research.

Section seeks to mobilize and activate all the experts in the field of operations research to facilitate the exchange of experiences in various areas of their engagement.

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