Executable Object Modelling with Statecharts

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By: David Harel and Eran Gery


Statecharts, popular for modeling system behavior in the structural analysis paradigm, are part of a fully executable language set for modeling object-oriented systems. The languages form the core of the emerging Unified Modeling Language. The authors embarked on an effort to develop an integrated set of diagrammatic languages for object modeling, built around statecharts, and to construct a supporting tool that produces a fully executable model and allows automatic code synthesis. The language set includes two constructive modeling languages.

Link to material: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/login.jsp?tp=&arnumber=596624&userType=inst&url=http%3A%2F%2Fieeexplore.ieee.org%2Fstamp%2Fstamp.jsp%3Ftp%3D%26arnumber%3D596624%26userType%3Dinst

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