Balaban Valley Project:Improving the Quality of Life in Rural Area in Turkey

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By Ali Gökmen,, Sinan Kayalıgil, Gerhard-W. Weber, İnci Gökmen, Mehmet Ecevit, Aşkın Sürmeli, Taylan Bali, Yıldız Ecevit, Haluk Gökmen, Dorien J. DeTombe


Over 30 % of the Turkish population live in small villages, often under poor conditions. In these regions the main source of income is agriculture. The recent globalization trend in the world makes the sustainable living conditions in rural areas very difficult. There are high cost of fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture, high fuel costs, there is the uncertainty in decision making on the type of crop to be cultivated for the coming years, the limited opportunities for education of children, and the unequal and unbearable workload for men and especially for women.

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