Good Enough for Government Work: Introducing a Network Approach to Quality Assurance of Operational Research in support of Public Policy Design and Implementation

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by: Ian Mitchell

Modelling Integrity Topics

• Motive

- Why do Quality Control and Assurance?

• Means

- Embedding quality

- How to do this?

- Working tools

- Who does what and when

- 5 Steps

• Opportunity

- Shaping Process and Collaboration

• Q and A

• Discussion

Motive - West Coast Mainline

15 August 2012 – Franchise award to FirstGroup - challenged by Virgin through High Court

3 October 2012 - Award scrapped - Virgin continue running the route during rerun

‘The errors exposed by our investigation are deeply concerning. They show a lack of good process and a lack of proper quality assurance... 'completely unacceptable mistakes‘

‘I am determined to identify exactly what went wrong and why, and to put these things right so that we never find ourselves in this position again.’

--Philip Rutnam

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