Hand hygiene for Covid-19

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A one-hour webinar providing an objective, evidence-based review of how to create an effective system to help minimise the transmission of Covid-19 virus via the hands.

The webinar reviews current knowledge about hand hygiene and the role that this can play in preventing transmission of infection. It examines the methods that science confirms are effective and then how to create a practical strategy that fits a particular organisation’s needs.

Topics covered include:

- Routes of virus transmission and the significance of fomites in transmission of the virus with resultant spread of infection - The benefits and limitations of gloves - The role of skin management in preventing infection - Hand decontamination techniques (hand washing, hand sanitising) - Potential negative effects of hand decontamination - The need for skin condition monitoring

link to material: https://www.ifors.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Flyer-3.pdf

Website URL: https://www.enviroderm.co.uk/hand-hygiene-for-covid-19