Living Hand to Mouth - Children and food in low-income families --- by Rebecca O'Connell, Abigail Knight and Julia Brannen

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Food is fundamental. It is essential to physical survival, a medium for the expression of identity and central to a sense of belonging. Food therefore provides a revealing lens for understanding how poverty and low income affect the lives of children and their families. Through the stories of children in 45 families, this book examines the reasons children go without decent food and what they say about being excluded from eating in ways that are customary in Britain today.

From Poverty Bites to Living Hand to Mouth

In 1999, the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, pledged to end child poverty in the UK within 20 years. Two years later, CPAG published Poverty Bites: food, health and poor families which explored the consequences for low- income families struggling to afford sufficient food to maintain good health in terms of their nutritional, health and social wellbeing.1 So, 20 years after the pledge to end child poverty, why are we still talking about food poverty within families with children?

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