Methodology of Scenario Development Based on Ukrainian Branch of the WDC Interdisciplinary Data on Sustainable Development

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by: Kateryna Pereverza, Kostiantyn Yefremov, Alexei Pasichny, Alexei Leonov


This article describes methodology of scenario construction for development of countries, regions, cities based on the sustainable development data, scenario approach, SWOT-analysis. Sustainable development data are the indexes and indicators values that include economical, ecological, socially-institutional development characteristics. These data are collected and made available by competent international organizations. They are accumulated and kept in warehouse of Ukrainian branch of the World Data Center (WDC) [1] with possibility of free and convenient access. While scenario developing SWOT-analysis and method of sustainable development gauging martix – SDGM, that is described in [2], are used. The results of scenarios constructing for Ukraine's development on short-term, middle-term, long-term periods are given as an example of methods implementation.

Keywords: sustainable development, SWOT-analysis, scenario, indicator, index, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, peer group.

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