On the use of Cross Impact Analysis for Enhancing Performance in Primary School Education

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By: Chandra Sekhar Pedamallu, Linet Ozdamar, and Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


The system dynamics approach is a holistic way of solving problems in real-time scenarios. The Cross Impact Analysis (CIA) is a system dynamics method that enables the construction of a model relating entities and attributes relevant to a system. Then, the CIA simulates the model construct and observes the changing system status. The CIA permits the integration of policies into the model construct and enables the comparison of the simulated system with the one that is augmented by policies. Thereby, it is possible to observe policy effects on future system status. Here, we describe how CIA is utilized to enhance student enrolment and performance with simulated government policies in two developing countries

Link to material: http://www.ifors.org/developing_countries/downloads/oct17_2011/cross_impact_analysis.pdf