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Welcome to the first issue for 2020. I am delighted to introduce Quality and Operational Research (QOR) Newsletter. Our newsletter publishes peer-reviewed technical articles every month on Quality, Excellence and Operational Research. QOR publishes current, high- quality and original articles, together with relevant and insightful reviews. The last pages cover important events, conferences, workshops, training courses, call for chapter and call for paper. Distinguished experts and academicians have joined the Editorial Board.

I would like to say my “Big Thank You “to Paulo Sampaio, Yucel Ozturkoglu, Dawn Ringrose, Luciana Paulise, Jesus Velasquez, Marcio Cardoso Machado, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Alberto Pinto and Nguyen Thanh Hai for accepting my invitation to contribute in this and future issues.

link to material: https://www.ifors.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/QORNEWSLETTERISSUE1JUNE2020.pdf