Take 5: The best way to bring the human into virtual space?

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by: Sandra Abegglen, Emma Gillaspy, Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield

Virtually Impossible: Embodiment and ‘Being There’ in online space

For most of us the majority of our teaching, if not all, has shifted online for the foreseeable future. Whilst at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic the ‘pivot’ was a temporary emergency measure, this academic year the move to remote education is all too real – the expectations are higher – and the pressure to get this ‘right’ more intense.

A key concern of ours is the facilitation of connection with students new to university – and perhaps even newer to online teaching and learning. How can we connect at a distance and virtually with students from day one? How can we enable them to connect meaningfully with us, as instructors, and with each other to develop bonding, belonging and cohort identity? How do we bring the human into the digital?

Such connection is challenging enough, but studying and learning are also embodied. How can we get students ‘ready’ to bring their whole embodied selves into their learning experience when they are working from home and online? We have developed a few ideas of how to connect with students and foster an embodied, active student self at a distance, but we hope blog readers will contribute their own ideas and experiences.

link to material: https://lmutake5.wordpress.com/2020/10/14/take5-50-the-best-way-to-bring-the-human-into-virtual-space/