Educating Engineers for Sustainable Development : Appendices to the Final Report of a Royal Academy of Engineering sponsored pilot study

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This volume contains the appendices to the report: Educating Engineers for Sustainable Development and should be read in conjunction with that Report.

The intention behind the provision of these appendices is two-fold. First, we have sought to provide some additional information to amplify that given in the main Report; an example of this is the detailed nominal group process feedback contained in Appendix 7.1. Second, and perhaps more important, we have sought to provide sufficient information for others to replicate our pilot study. The key point here is that it is the process that is paramount in the design, not the content. Partly for that reason, we have not provided full details of the exercises used. In addition, in many cases the exercises have been prepared by people outside the core team and they have retained some intellectual property rights in the materials. Wherever possible, we have provided examples of actual documents used, although these may have varied between the years in which the programme has run. There has also been a substantial amount of re-formatting and some culling of less relevant (and possibly confusing) detail.

The sequence of appendices follows, largely, the pattern of the main Report in order to help those interested in replicating the pilot study and those using the appendices as an adjunct to their reading of the main report. Moving from some background considerations, the prime consideration is the design of the course unit and of the sequence of exercises that underpin it. Subsequent appendices deal with the facilitators – who played a key role in the unit – and, thence, with the students. After appendices dealing with issues of assessment come those looking at monitoring and evaluation and, finally those dealing with the process of dissemination. We have also included a bibliography and reference list, drawn not just from those cited in the Report and the appendices, but also illustrating some of the background material that we consulted.

Many of the original documents were provided by our Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Engineering Design for Sustainable Development, Charles Engel, as background to get the pilot under way and we are most grateful that he has agreed to allow these working documents to be incorporated in the appendices. Although many appendices are team efforts, we have tried to ascribe authorship to individual appendices where this is appropriate.

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