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Introduction to Educational Development

The vast majority of us who are educational developers love our work. Why would we do it if that were not the case? We find it rewarding, absorbing and relevant. What could be more engaging than the improvement of teaching and learning in Colleges and Universities? However, from outside the field, our work can seem mysterious and it is often misunderstood. This site is, in part, an attempt to open up our work, to make it less mysterious and more accessible to those who might be interested in becoming educational developers. it is also an attempt to help support those of us who are educational developers and those who are contemplating becoming one.

We may not reach the stage where, when asked by a taxi driver or hairdresser, "so what do you do?", the response "I'm an educational developer" requires no more (nor less) explanation than "I'm a researcher, or "I'm a lecturer", but at least we may increase understanding of our role within our institutions.

This website is designed to support anyone interested in Educational Development, as a potential career, as someone new to a developer position, or indeed with years of experience. What are our key concerns and fundamental practices? Where can we get help? How can we help each other?

We hope you enjoy exploring the site, and would be particularly pleased to see it develop as an interactive, dynamic conversation.

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