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Since 2000 we have been developing the maths e.g. e-assessment system at:

for casual use (no sign up required) and a teachers’ interface at:

where (after you sign up) tests may be composed by teachers from the 5000 or so question spaces, in a manner similar to shopping on Amazon (but entirely free). This generates a unique test URL to give to your students and which allows you to monitor your students’ progress. Instructions are given on the entry page.

The system also uses question spaces that encode the algebraic and pedagogic structure of each question and this is then realised at runtime by choosing randomised parameters (numbers, words, scenarios). Thus each question space generates thousands or millions of questions seen by students, thereby allowing virtually unlimited practice. If a student goes wrong, very full and intelligent feedback (based on common errors i.e. so-called mal-rules) is given with the question’s choice of parameters carried through into all features of the feedback (wording, equations using MathML and diagrams using SVG). This represents a rich learning environment and, being a standard web page, works accessibly on all browsers, PC, Mac or smart phone.

link to material: