Recommendations for establishing a Research Institute for Global Safety

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By Dorien DeTombe

Safety is, next to food and sleep, one of our most basic needs for living. We organize our democratic societies in such a way that the government takes care of our daily safety.

The government should take care of, for instance, healthcare of the population like safe medicines, well educated doctors, safe food, a safe environment, safe traffic and, in a country like the Netherlands prevention from drowning. In order to do so the government erected special institutes to take care of our safety. To name a few: the Ministry of water affairs for prevention of floods and the quality of water, Ministry of transportation, institutes like TNO and RIVM for technological safety and environmental safety and healthcare safety, and institutes closely related to universities like the risk and disaster institute in Leiden, the quality of food institute in Wageningen, and special task forces in preventing terrorism. Each institute is responsible and specialized in a special item concerning safety.

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