IFORS Prize for OR in Development

• Awarded at the close of the IFORS Triennial Conference and carries with it a grand prize of US$4,000.00 and a runner-up prize of US$2,000.00;

• Criteria:
1. The paper describes a practical OR application in a developing country, conducted to assist a specific organization in its decision-making process, with original features in methodology or implementation.
2. If selected to be among the finalists, the entry should be presented by one of the principal authors during the IFORS Triennial Conference.
3. The paper includes some description of the application’s social context and its impact on the decision-making process or on the organization for which it was conducted. Where appropriate, the relevance of the country’s state of development to the study is addressed. A stress on developmental issues will be an important factor in the judging. Papers of a purely technical nature, or those which have no relevance in the developmental context, will not be considered.
4. Winners are selected on the basis of problem definition, creativity and appropriateness of approach, MS/OR content, stress on developmental issues, impact of the study, paper organization and structure and quality of written and (if selected as finalist) oral presentation.

Conference Prize Chair/Panel Winner Title of Paper
2020, XXII, Seoul, Korea TBA TBD TBD
Mikael Rönnqvist (Canada) – Chair
Peter Bell (Canada)
Guillermo Duran (Argentina)
Mario Guajardo (Norway)
Dick Larson (US)
Ke Liu (China)
Sue Merchant (UK)
Victor Parada (Chile)
Roman Slowinski (Poland)
Jan Van Vuuren (South Africa)
First Place: Sepideh Abolghasem, Felipe Solano, Claudia D. Bedoya, Lina P. Navas, Ana Paola Ríos, Edwin a. Pinzón, Andrés L. Medaglia, Olga L. Sarmientoc
A Robust DEA-Centric Location Based Decision Support System for Expanding
Recreovia Hubs in Bogota
Runner Up: Guo Tian-de, Han Cong-ying, Zhao Tong, a Yong, Bai Chao-chao, Tang
Si-qi, Wu Min
Optimization Models and Algorithms For Fingerprint Recognition
2014 XX Barcelona Andres Weintraub (Chile) – Chair
Subhash Datta (India)
Guillermo Duran (Argentina)
Ke Liu (China)
Sue Merchant ( UK)
Tatsuo Oyama (Japan)
Mikael Rönnqvist ( Quebec)
Elise del Rosario (Philippines)
Jan van Vuuren (South Africa)
Leroy White (UK)
First Place: Luiz Augusto Canito Gallego de Andrade, Claudio Barbieri da Cunha Optimizing Ambulance Moveable Station Location and Vehicle Repositioning to Reduce Response Times for the City of São Paulo
Runner Up: Zheng Yu-jun, Ling Hai-Feng, Xu Xin-Li, and Chen Sheng Yong Emergency Engineering Rescue Scheduling and its Application in Disaster Relief Operations in China
2011, XIX,Melbourne Subhash Datta (India)
Jan Van Vuuren (South Africa)
Celso Carneiro Riberio
Arjan Shahani
Elise del Rosario
Theodor Stewart
(South Africa)
Hugo Scolnik
(Argentina-DC Chair)
Leroy White
First Place: Joao Neiva de Figueiredo and Miguel Angel Marca Barrientos (Bolivia) A Decision Support Methodology forIncreasing School Efficiency in Bolivia’sLow-Income Communities
Runner Up: Angel Luis Udias, David Rios Insua, Javier Cano and Hocine Fellag (Algeria) Cost Efficient Equitable Water Distributionin Algeria: A Bi-Criteria Fair Division ProblemWith Network Constraints
2008, XVIII, Sandton Paul Fatti (South Africa)
Irene Loiseau (Argentina)
Joao Neiva de Figueiredo (Brazil)
Theo Stewart
(South Africa – DC Chair)
Arabinda Tripathy
Leroy White
First Place: Haouari M., Aissaoui N., Berrima K., Sherali H.D. and Mansour F.Z. (Tunisia) Integrated aircraft fleeting and routing at TunisAir.
Runner Up: Raad D., Sinske A. and van Vuuren J. (South Africa) Robust multi-objective optimization for water distribution system design using a meta-meta-heuristic.
XVII, 2005, Hawaii Paul Fatti (South Africa)
Subhash Datta (India)
Rafael Epstein (Chile)
David Smith (UK)
Theo Stewart
(South Africa)
John Vande Vate
First Place: L. Melgarejo, J. Neiva de Figueiredo and C.E. Fries (Brazil) A decision support methodology for increasing public investment efficiency in Brazilian agrarian reform
Runners Up: M. Osman, H. Zaher and D. El-Iraqi (Egypt) Cultural Heritage Management – a goal programming application to Wadilmeluk
Yindong Shen and J. Xia (China) Integrated bus transit scheduling for Beijing bus group based on regionalized operation mode
M. Negreiros Gomez, A.E. Xavier, N. Maculan, A.F. Sampaio Xavier and P. Michelon (Brazil) A framework of computational systems and optimization models for the prevention and combat of dengue
XVI, 2002, Edinburgh Goutam Dutta (India)
Robert Abrams (USA)
Elise del Rosario (Philippine, DC Chair)
Paul Fatti (South Africa)
Xiaoming Pan
Dominique de Werra
First Place: Rafael Epstein, Lysette Henriquez, Jaime Catalan, Gabriel Y. Weintraub, Cristian Martinez (Chile) A Combinational Auction Improves School Meals in Chile Network Service Scheduling and Routing
Second Place: G. Groves, J Le Roux and Jan H Van Vuuren (South Africa) Network Service Scheduling & Routing
XV, 1999, Beijing Goutam Dutta (India)
Robert Abrams
Elise del Rosario (Philippines, DC Chair)
Xiang Sun Zhang (China)
Theo Stewart
(South Africa)
Nelson Maculan
Jan Weglarz
First Place: Xikang Chen, Xiaoming Pan, Cuihong Yang (China) Study of China Grain Output Prediction
Runners Up: JH Van Vuuren, Werner Grundling (South Africa) An Active Decision Support System for Optimality in Open Air Reservoir Release Strategies
Qingzhen Zhao (China) Application of OR in Agriculture Management in China
XIV, 1996, Vancouver Jonathan Rosenhead (UK)
Claudio Bornstein
Goutam Dutta
Sung Joo Park
Elise Del Rosario
(Philippines- DC Chair)
Arabinda Tripathy
Andres Weintraub
First Place: X-S Zhang and J-C Cui (China) A Project Evaluation System in the State Economic InformationSystem of China: An Operations Research Practice in the Public Sector
Runners Up: RK Chaturvedi, K Bhattacharya and J Parikh (India) Transmission Planning for Indian Power Grid: A Mixed Integer Programming Approach
G Liu, J Xu, C Hi, B Zhou and Q Ren (China) Operational Research and Economic Development: The Optimization of the Ecological,Economic Development for the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River (Changjiang)
XIII, 1993, Lisbon Jonathan Rosenhead (UK)
Roberto Galvao (Brazil)
A.K. Shahani
RVV Vidal
Andres Weintraub
Nitin Patel
(DC Chair-India)
First Place: Goutam Dutta (India) A Linear Programming Model for Distribution of EliectricalEnergy in a Steel Plant
Runners Up: N.D. Pizzolato (Brazil) School Location: A Real Application of the P-Median Model
A. Tripathy (India) Using OR/MS in Third World Countries: Some Cases from India
XII, 1990, Athens Roberto Galvao(Brazil) No winner  

XI, 1987, Buenos Aires

Bob Kavanagh (Australia) Nicolas Majluf (Chile) The National Assessment of Education in Chile