COIN-OR Optimiser Suite

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COIN-OR Optimiser Suite - a suite of ready-to-use optimisation solvers that can be incorporated into a user's computer program.

The goal of this project is to provide support for build, test, and installation of a coherent suite of interoperable solvers and libraries on the most popular computing platforms. We aim to provide methods for users to easily install pre-built and well-tested binaries on all platforms. Currently supported platforms are

- Microsoft Windows with the Visual C++ compiler, versions 9-13 (see the ​MSVisualStudio wiki for more details)


• The cl compiler from CYGWIN/MinGW (with the autotools)

- Microsoft Windows with the g++ 4 compiler (CYGWIN/MinGW)

- Linux with the g++ 4 compiler on ix86 architectures.

- Mac OS X with either the g++ 4 compiler (installed with ​Homebrew) or the clang compiler.

Link to website:

  • Up to date information about the software in this list, which is mostly free to use, can be obtained from this link