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COIN-OR Projects - Most of these require some programming to use.

Developer tools

• BuildTools: COIN-OR Unix developer tools and documentation, tools for managing configuration and compilation of various COIN-OR projects under Linux, Unix, and Cygwin

• CoinBazaar: The COIN-OR Bazaar, small examples and extensions of COIN-OR projects

• CoinBinary: COIN-OR Binary Distributions, pre-compiled binary distributions of COIN-OR projects

• Coopr: A COmmon Optimization Python Repository, the Coopr software project integrates a variety of Python optimization-related packages. Coopr supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities that can be used to formulate and analyze optimization applications

• TestTools: TestTools, Python scripts to automatically download, configure, build, test, and install COIN-OR projects


• CoinEasy: New user information and support, CoinEasy is designed for new users of COIN-OR. The objective is to make it easy to use COIN-OR projects. Different users have different objectives and we provide information on how to get up and running easily depending upon the objective


• CGC: COIN-OR Graph Classes, a collection of network representations and algorithms

• GiMPy: Graph Methods in Python, a Python library containing pure Python implementations of a variety of graph algorithms with visualizations

• GrUMPy: Graphics for Understanding Mathematical Programming, a Python library for visualizing various aspects of mathematical programming, including visualizations of the branch-and-cut process, branch-and-bound trees, polyhedra, cutting plane methods, etc.

• LEMON: Library of Efficient Models and Optimization in Networks, a C++ template library aimed at combinatorial optimization tasks, especially those working with graphs and networks

Link to website:

  • Up to date information about the software in this list, which is mostly free to use, can be obtained from this link