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With, you can

- create interactive maps online instantly! No installation required. No coding needed.

- embed the map in your own website or blog easily (simply copy & paste HTML code, no FTP)

- export the map as an image.

- create choropleth and proportional symbol map.

- create map: displaying an image inside a tooltip.

- create map: displaying chart inside a tooltip.

- specify different zoom levels and position.

- support for: professional colors from

- support for: most major map projections (Bonne, Cylindrical Equal Area, Gall-Peters, Mercator, Miller Cylindrical, Mollweide, Robinson, Sinusoidal, Van der Grinten (I), Wagner VII, Winkel Tripel, Albers Equal Area, Azimuthal Equidistant).

- works in iPad, iPhone and other mobile device (coming soon).

Link to website:

  • Up to date information about the software in this list, which is mostly free to use, can be obtained from this link