Covid-19 and the Healthcare System in China

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by: Ulrike Reisach and Yangping Zhou


China is known as a high-context culture, which is why our paper analyses the Covid-19 crisis in the broader context of Policy, Economy, Society, Technology, Environment and Law (PESTEL). Following this model, the challenges and influencing factors on the pandemics are being examined. While doing so, we focus on the health-related aspects such as (P) health policy, (E) health-economy, (S) societal issues, including living conditions and culture, (T) technology, as well as electronic health records, testing, and applications (apps), (E) environment and climate, and (L) the health insurances. Ours is not a medical analysis, but is intended to provide insights which might enlighten how and why the virus spread so fast in Hubei Province in China, whose capital is Wuhan. Applying the PESTEL model, we show how institutional settings and crisis-management approaches were adapted to the challenges before and during the crisis.


Covid-19, Healthcare, China, Hospital, Culture

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