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by: Yoshio Matsuki

More than two decades after the Chernobyl accident, people living in the affected regions are now taking control of their lives once again [1]. The destroyed nuclear plant, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant’s Unit No.4, is now being covered by the new shelter, while the impacts on human and environment have been assessed and reported at the International Conference, "Twenty years after Chernobyl accident. Future Outlook", held in Kiev in 2006 [2, 3]. In the United Nations Chernobyl Forum Report [4] presented at that conference, about 4,000 cancer deaths were calculated for the rest of the life among the 600,000 most affected populations, while 4,837 thyroid cancers among the child population were observed from 1986 till 2002 and were confirmed as the radiation impacts of the accident.

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