Development of the WDS Russian - Ukrainian Segment

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by: Marsel Shaimardanov, Alexei Gvishiani, Michael Zgurovsky, Alexander Sterin, Alexander Kuznetsov, Natalia Sergeyeva, Evgeny Kharin, and Kostiantyn Yefremov


Establishment of the Russian-Ukrainian WDS Segment and its state of the art, main priorities and research activities are described. One of the high priority tasks for Segment members is development of a common information space - transition from Legacy Systems and individual services to a common, globally interoperable, distributed data system that incorporates emerging technologies and new scientific data activities. The new system will build on the potential and added value offered by advanced interconnections between data management and data processing components for disciplinary and multidisciplinary applications. Thus, the principles of the architectural organization of intelligent data processing systems are discussed in this paper.

Keywords: World Data System, ICSU, Intelligent data processing, Interdisciplinary research, Heterogeneous data sources

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