Factors Inhibiting the Adoption of a Uniform Pricing Mechanism for Building Services

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by: Ganiyu Amuda Yusuf, Sarajul Fikri Mohamed and Suhaila Binti Remeli


This study describes an empirical investigation revealing the critical obstacles to the adoption of a uniform pricing mechanism for building services from the perspective of industry practitioners .A total of 157 questionnaires conducted on quantity surveyors (N=75), mechanical engineers (N=39) and electrical engineers (N=43) were collected and used for the study. T –test statistics was run to identify ten significant factors from a list of fourteen factors identified. Relative importance indices were computed for each factor from the perspectives of the practitioners so as to determine the most critical obstructive factors. The result shows that the five most important obstructive factors in order of significance are: (1) difficulty in the interpretation of the Standard Method of Measurement by design consultants (2) the late involvement of building services design consultants (3) quantity surveyors’ insufficient skill in mechanical and electrical services technology (4)drawings of services are often not ready for billing at the tender stage and (5) the lack of a generally accepted Standard Method of Measurement for mechanical and electrical services.

Keywords: Barriers; Building Services, Information Technology, Standard Method of Measurement, Uniform Pricing Mechanism

Link to material: http://ifors.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/5.pdf