Integrated Bus Transit Scheduling for the Beijing Bus Group based on a Unified Mode of Operation

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By: Yindong Shen,Jiahong Xia


This paper presents an applied study of scheduling buses and drivers for the Beijing Bus Group (BJBUS), the largest bus company in China. This is pioneering research in China for bus transit scheduling using computers based on a unified mode of operation. It is anticipated that the research fruits and experiences obtained would be of benefit to other bus operators in China. The bus transit scheduling problem in BJBUS is first presented in the paper. The particular characteristics are pointed out, which are different from those in developed countries, while many are common in China. After a brief review and analysis of the appropriateness of some currently successful approaches, the paper focuses on reporting the solution ideas and methods for BJBUS, especially those developed to solve the specific problems of BJBUS, such as scheduling buses with built-in meal periods, multi-type bus scheduling, restricting drivers to one or two particular buses, etc. Finally, the implementation and computational results are reported before the concluding remarks.


public transport scheduling, Beijing Bus Group, unified operation mode, bus scheduling, driver scheduling

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