LiBerated Social Entrepreneur Using Business Metrics: MIGPORT Refugee Big Data Analytics

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by: G.-W. Weber & B. Kjamili

Conference and Seminar: Medan, Indonesia February 2019


- Definitions formulated by Knight

- Schumpeter and Baumol
- Schumpeter’s creative destruction, monopoly

- Defining terms for social entrepreneurship, for-profit, non-profit

- Adam Smith’s 3 diversification model

- Demand-supply analysis

- Brand management and advertisement strategies

- Statistical data, financial derivatives, bonds

- Canvas model and Human Centered Design

Real-Life Examples

- Professor Muhammad Yunus

- Empowerment Plan
- METU International Students Association

- Migport Refugee Portal


- Reduction in poverty and share of employment

- Max-Flow - Min-Cut Theorem Game Theory

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