Metric Aspects of Periodic Processes in Economy and Society

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by: M. Z. Zgurovsky

The structural analysis is performed for Cn -waves of global systemic conflicts based on their empirical sequence, and metric approaches are proposed to study and forecast these processes. Global systemic conflicts and great Kondratieff waves of the development of the world economy are proved to correspond to a number of additional conditions, namely, to the modern concept on the acceleration of historical time, to the law of structural harmony, and to global forecasts for the 21st century.

Keywords: global system conflicts, great Kondratieff cycles, structural analysis, golden section, metric approaches.


The interrelation and principles of the development of various processes in the nature and society are discussed in many publications [1, 2]. The paper [3] reveals the pattern of global system conflicts based on the dynamic model of so-called C-waves with the underlying metrics of golden section. The paper [4] compares the principles of the sequence of great Kondratieff cycles of the development of the global economy and C-waves of global system conflicts. An attempt is made to predict these periodic processes for the 21st century.

The principles revealed for global system conflicts and great Kondratieff cycles become much more reliable if they correspond to some additional external conditions (concepts, principles, hypotheses) and the conclusions made on their basis are coordinated or “resonate” with the conclusions of other independent studies.

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