New Open Access Book on Transformations Towards More Just and Sustainable Food Systems

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by: Colin R. Anderson, Janneke Bruil, Michael Jahi Chappell, Csilla Kiss and Michel Pimbert

This new open access book develops a framework for advancing agroecology in transformations towards more just and sustainable food systems focusing on power, politics and governance. It explores the potential of agroecology as a sustainable and socially just alternative to today’s dominant food regime.

The authors analyse the conditions that enable and disable agroecology’s potential and present six ‘domains of transformation’ where it comes into conflict with the dominant food system. They argue that food sovereignty, community-self organization and a shift to bottom-up governance are critical for the transformation to a socially just and ecologically viable food system.

The last part of the book articulates a new way of thinking about the ‘effects of governance interventions’ as various actors intentionally or inadvertently influence transitions to sustainability in territories with a focus on shifting toward a transformative agroecology.

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