OR for better management of sustainable development

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At the occasion of EURO XXI 2006 in Iceland (http://www.euro2006.org/), the European Journal of Operational Research together with the Programme Committee of EURO XXI 2006, consisting of Tuula Kinnunen (Chair), Raymond Bisdorff, Jean-Pierre Brans, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Snjolfur Olafsson, Maurice Shutler, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Marino Widmer and Martin Zachariasen, decided to prepare and publish this feature cluster on OR for Better Management of Sustainable Developement, which was also the special conference theme of EURO XXI 2006.

Link to material: http://ifors.org/developing_countries/downloads/sept2_2011/Leopold-Wildburger_2009_European-Journal-of-Operational-Research.pdf