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OpenSolver is an Excel VBA add-in that extends Excel’s built-in Solver with a more powerful Linear Programming solver. It is developed and maintained by Andrew Mason and students at the Engineering Science department, University of Auckland, NZ. OpenSolver provides the following features:

• OpenSolver uses the excellent, Open Source, COIN-OR CBC optimization engine to quickly solve large Linear and Integer problems.

• Compatible with your existing Solver models, so there is no need to change your spreadsheets

• No artificial limits on the size of problem you can solve

• OpenSolver is free, open source software.

As well as providing a replacement optimization engine, OpenSolver offers:

• A built-in model visualizer that highlights your model’s decision variables, objective and constraints directly on your spreadsheet

• A fast QuickSolve mode that makes it much faster to re-solve your model after making changes

• An algorithm to build and update the model only using information present on the sheet

• A modelling tool that we think improves on the built-in Solver window

Link to website:

  • Up to date information about the software in this list, which is mostly free to use, can be obtained from this link