Research Implementation, Human Skills and Resource Management, and Sciences Education in Digital Era

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by: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, M. Graczyk-Kucharska, M. Szafranski, S. Gütmen, A. Özmen, A. Cevik, Z. Wlodarczak, M. Golinski, S. Kuter, R. Filia Sari


Learning from data has become very important in every field of science and technology, e.g., in

- financial sector, economics,

- quality improvement in manufacturing,

- computational biology, bioinformatics, medicine,

- earth- and geosciences, engineering,

- social sciences, and humanities.

Learning enables for doing estimation, modeling and prediction.

Learning named as:

- Statistical Learning,

- Deep Learning,

- Theory of Inverse Problems,

- Data Mining,

- Analytics, and

- Artificial Intelligence.

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