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SolverStudio is an add-in for Excel 2007 and later on Windows that allows you to build and solve optimisation models in Excel using any of the following optimisation modelling languages:

1. PuLP, an open-source Python-based COIN-OR modelling language developed by Stu Mitchell. PuLP is included with SolverStudio.

2. COOPR/Pyomo, an open source COIN-OR modelling language for Python which extends Pulp with abstract models, support for stochastic programming, and a larger range of solvers.

3. AMPL, a commercial modelling language. SolverStudio either requires AMPL to be installed by the user, or can install a free trial version of AMPL that allows up to 300 variables and 300 constraints. We have a tutorial on using AMPL with SolverStudio. We also support running AMPL models in the cloud using the excellent NEOS server; see AMPL on NEOS.

4. GMPL (GNU MathProg Language), an open source AMPL look-alike developed as part of GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit). GMPL is included with SolverStudio.

5. GAMS, a commercial modelling language. SolverStudio requires GAMS to be installed by the user. GAMS provide a free trial version. Support for solving GAMS models using the NEOS server is working in our new beta version.

6. Gurobi, a commercial solver which can be accessed from SolverStudio using the Gurobi Python modelling interface. This requires the Gurobi solver be installed. SolverStudio provides a license manager to help manage Gurobi licenses.

7. SimPy, an open source Python simulation language, which is now included with the SolverStudio download.

8. Any other Python software that runs under either IronPython or standard Python (i.e ‘CPython‘). IronPython comes built in, while the user needs to install their own choice of CPython.

9. We hope to add Zimpl in the near future, and allow GMPL to be used with CBC.

Link to website:

  • Up to date information about the software in this list, which is mostly free to use, can be obtained from this link