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Springer Textbooks

S. No. Book Title Author Edition Open URL
205 Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Zhongchao Tan 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-981-287-212-8
206 Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice Matthias Rehahn, Helmut Ritter, Brigitte Voit 5th ed. 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-642-28980-4
207 Sustainable Supply Chains Yann Bouchery, Charles J. Corbett, Jan C. Fransoo, Tarkan Tan 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-29791-0
208 Robotics Bruno Siciliano, Lorenzo Sciavicco, Luigi Villani, Giuseppe Oriolo 2009 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-84628-642-1
209 Econometrics Badi H. Baltagi 5th ed. 2011 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-642-20059-5
210 The Sea Floor Eugen Seibold, Wolfgang Berger 4th ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-51412-3
211 SPSS for Starters and 2nd Levelers Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman 2nd ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-20600-4
212 Regression Modeling Strategies Frank E. Harrell , Jr. 2nd ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-19425-7
213 Legal Dynamics of EU External Relations Henri de Waele 2nd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-662-54817-2
214 Food Analysis Laboratory Manual S. Suzanne Nielsen 3rd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-44127-6
215 Principles of Musical Acoustics William M. Hartmann 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-6786-1
216 Fundamentals of Structural Engineering Jerome J. Connor, Susan Faraji 2nd ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-24331-3
217 Basics of Laser Physics Karl F. Renk 2nd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-50651-7
218 Applied Quantitative Finance Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen, Ludger Overbeck 3rd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-662-54486-0
219 Handbook of Marriage and the Family Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush 3rd ed. 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-3987-5
220 Solid-State Physics Harald Ibach, Hans Lüth 4th ed. 2009 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-540-93804-0
221 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and its Applications Andrzej Lasia 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-8933-7
222 Economics as Applied Ethics Wilfred Beckerman 2nd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-50319-6
223 Electronics for Embedded Systems Ahmet Bindal 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-39439-8
224 Concise Guide to Software Engineering Gerard O'Regan 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-57750-0
225 Fundamentals of Multimedia Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew, Jiangchuan Liu 2nd ed. 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-05290-8
226 Logistics Harald Gleissner, J. Christian Femerling 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-01769-3
227 Group Theory Applied to Chemistry Arnout Jozef Ceulemans 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-94-007-6863-5
228 The Psychology of Social Status Joey T. Cheng, Jessica L. Tracy, Cameron Anderson 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4939-0867-7
229 A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics F.M. Dekking, C. Kraaikamp, H.P. Lopuhaä, L.E. Meester 2005 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-84628-168-6
230 Complex Analysis Joseph Bak, Donald J. Newman 3rd ed. 2010 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4419-7288-0
231 Food Chemistry H.-D. Belitz, Werner Grosch, Peter Schieberle 4th ed. 2009 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-540-69934-7
232 Exam Survival Guide: Physical Chemistry Jochen Vogt 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-49810-2
233 The Python Workbook Ben Stephenson 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-14240-1
234 Practical Electrical Engineering Sergey N. Makarov, Reinhold Ludwig, Stephen J. Bitar 1st ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-21173-2
235 Strategic Retail Management Joachim Zentes, Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein 3rd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-658-10183-1
236 Food Analysis S. Suzanne Nielsen 5th ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-45776-5
237 Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing Stefan C. Dombrowski 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4939-1911-6
238 Machine Learning in Medicine - a Complete Overview Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-15195-3
239 Evidence-Based Interventions for Children with Challenging Behavior Ogg, Ashley N. Sundman-Wheat, Audra St. John Walsh 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-7807-2
240 Principles of Quantum Mechanics R. Shankar 2nd ed. 1994 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4757-0576-8
241 Recommender Systems Charu C. Aggarwal 1st ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-29659-3
242 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Daan J. A. Crommelin, Robert D. Sindelar, Bernd Meibohm 4th ed. 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-6486-0
243 Python Programming Fundamentals Kent D. Lee 2nd ed. 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4471-6642-9
244 The Finite Element Method and Applications in Engineering Using ANSYS® Erdogan Madenci, Ibrahim Guven 2nd ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4899-7550-8
245 Group Theory Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Gene Dresselhaus, Ado Jorio 2008 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-540-32899-5
246 Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation Brahma Dathan, Sarnath Ramnath 2nd ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-24280-4
247 Introduction to Embedded Systems Manuel Jiménez, Rogelio Palomera, Isidoro Couvertier 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-3143-5
248 Elementary Mechanics Using Matlab Anders Malthe-Sørenssen 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-19587-2
249 An Introduction to Biomechanics Jay D. Humphrey, Sherry L. O’Rourke 2nd ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4939-2623-7
250 New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis Helmut Lütkepohl 2005 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-540-27752-1
251 Introduction to Data Science Laura Igual, Santi Seguí 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-50017-1
252 Calculus With Applications Peter D. Lax, Maria Shea Terrell 2nd ed. 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-7946-8
253 An Introduction to Soil Mechanics Arnold Verruijt 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-61185-3
254 Game Theory Hans Peters 2nd ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-662-46950-7
255 Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Furberg, David L. DeMets, David M. Reboussin, Christopher B. Granger 5th ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-18539-2
256 The Finite Volume Method in Computational Fluid Dynamics F. Moukalled, L. Mangani, M. Darwish 1st ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-16874-6
257 The ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery E. Read, Theodore J. Saclarides, Anthony J. Senagore, Charles B. 3rd ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-25970-3
258 Applied Predictive Modeling Max Kuhn, Kjell Johnson 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-6849-3
259 Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL Brock J. LaMeres 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-34195-8
260 Sustainability Science Harald Heinrichs, Pim Martens, Gerd Michelsen, Arnim Wiek 1st ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-94-017-7242-6
261 Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle Georg Job, Regina Rüffler 1st ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-15666-8
262 The Physics of Semiconductors Marius Grundmann 3rd ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-23880-7
263 Energy Harvesting and Energy Efficiency Nicu Bizon, Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Frede Blaabjerg, Erol Kurt 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-49875-1
264 Python For ArcGIS Laura Tateosian 1st ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-18398-5
265 Statics and Mechanics of Structures Steen Krenk, Jan Høgsberg 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-94-007-6113-1
266 Real Analysis Miklós Laczkovich, Vera T. Sós 1st ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4939-2766-1
267 MATLAB for Psychologists Mauro Borgo, Alessandro Soranzo, Massimo Grassi 2012 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-2197-9
268 Physical Asset Management Nicholas Anthony John Hastings 2nd ed. 2015 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-14777-2
269 Essentials of Food Science Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian 4th ed. 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-9138-5
270 Quantum Mechanics K.T. Hecht 2000 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4612-1272-0
271 Probability Theory Achim Klenke 2nd ed. 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4471-5361-0
272 Concise Guide to Databases Peter Lake, Paul Crowther 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4471-5601-7
273 Digital Image Processing Wilhelm Burger, Mark J. Burge 2nd ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4471-6684-9
274 Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Ricardo Simpson, Sudhir K. Sastry 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-9126-2
275 Transmission Electron Microscopy David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter 1996 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4757-2519-3
276 Guide to Computer Network Security Joseph Migga Kizza 4th ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-55606-2
277 Introduction to Law Jaap Hage, Antonia Waltermann, Bram Akkermans 2nd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-57252-9
278 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Rainer Dick 2nd ed. 2016 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-25675-7
279 Bayesian Essentials with R Jean-Michel Marin, Christian P. Robert 2nd ed. 2014 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-8687-9
280 Robotics, Vision and Control Peter Corke 2011 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-642-20144-8
281 Applied Chemistry Oleg Roussak, H. D. Gesser 2nd ed. 2013 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4614-4262-2
282 Advanced Organic Chemistry Francis A. Carey, Richard J. Sundberg 5th ed. 2007 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-0-387-44899-2
283 Advanced Organic Chemistry Francis A. Carey, Richard J. Sundberg 5th ed. 2007 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-0-387-71481-3
284 International Humanitarian Action Hans-Joachim Heintze, Pierre TUhmieblberötrogeVreron 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-14454-2
285 Breast Cancer Paolo Veronesi, Oreste Davide Gentilini, Maria Cristina Leonardi 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-48848-6
286 Travel Marketing, Tourism Economics and the Airline Product Mark Anthony Camilleri 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-49849-2
287 Electronic Commerce 2018 King, Jae Kyu Lee, Ting-Peng Liang, Deborrah C. Turban 9th ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-58715-8
288 Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings Debra A. Harley, Noel A. Ysasi, Malachy L. Bishop, Allison R. Fleming 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-64786-9
289 Teaching Medicine and Medical Ethics Using Popular Culture Evie Kendal, Basia Diug 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-65451-5
290 Market Research Erik Mooi, Marko Sarstedt, Irma Mooi- Reci 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-981-10-5218-7
291 Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis Joseph R. Michael, Nicholas W.M. Ritchie, John Henry J. Scott, David C. 4th ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-4939-6676-9
292 ArcGIS for Environmental and Water Issues William Bajjali 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-61158-7
293 Physics from Symmetry Jakob Schwichtenberg 2nd ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-66631-0
294 Communication and Bioethics at the End of Life Lori A. Roscoe, David P. Schenck 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-70920-8
295 Foundations of Programming Languages Kent D. Lee 2nd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-70790-7
296 Problems in Classical Electromagnetism Andrea Macchi, Giovanni Moruzzi, Francesco Pegoraro 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-63133-2
297 Polymer Chemistry Sebastian Koltzenburg, Michael Maskos, Oskar Nuyken 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-662-49279-6
298 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science David Forsyth 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-64410-3
299 Empathetic Space on Screen Amedeo D'Adamo 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-66772-0
300 Political Social Work Shannon R. Lane, Suzanne Pritzker 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-68588-5
301 Introductory Quantum Mechanics Paul R. Berman 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-68598-4
302 Guide to Competitive Programming Antti Laaksonen 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-72547-5
303 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Wolfgang Ertel 2nd ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-58487-4
304 Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biologists Bernhard Haubold, Angelika Börsch- Haubold 1st ed. 2017 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-67395-0
305 Concepts, Methods and Practical Applications in Applied Demography Richard K. Thomas 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-65439-3
306 Introduction to Deep Learning Sandro Skansi 1st ed. 2018 http://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-3-319-73004-2

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