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  1. A Bibliography of applications of O.R. in West Africa
  2. A Bibliography of applications of Operational Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Trip Green Capacitated Arc Routing Problem in the Scope of Urban Services
  4. A Multiobjective Model for Planning The Exports of Developing Countries
  5. A Novel Mathematical Model for Robust Green Urban Waste Collection
  6. A Novel Multi-Objective Model for Two-Echelon Green Routing Problem of Perishable Products with Intermediate Depots
  7. A Novel Stochastic Epidemic Model with Application to COVID-19
  8. A Review of Infrastructure Modelling for Green Logistics
  9. A Review of R(C)MARS and (C)MARS with a Comparison Study
  10. A Robust Just-in-Time Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Outsourcing Option on Subcontractors
  11. A Sustainability Challenge: Food Security for All: Report of Two Workshops (2012) --- National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  12. A System Dynamics Model For Improving Primary Education Enrollment In A Developing Country
  13. A System Dynamics Model To Study The Importance Of Infrastructure Facilities On Quality Of Primary Education System In Developing Countries
  14. A combinatorial auction improves school meals in Chile: a case of OR in developing countries
  15. A heuristic decomposition method for large-scale traffic assignment: Aburra Valley case study
  16. A methodology for assessing eco-efficiency in logistics networks
  17. A new exact algorithm for solving single machine scheduling problems with learning effects and deteriorating jobs
  18. A problem-structuring method for complex societal decisions: Its philosophical and psychological dimensions
  19. A review of trade credit literature: Opportunities for research in operations
  20. A system dynamics model for intentional transmission of HIV/AIDS using cross impact analysis
  21. Addressing some Global Challenges with Earth-observing Satellite Data, New OR-Analytics and the Human Factor
  22. Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics
  23. Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics Volume 25
  24. Agriculture and Rural Communities Are Resilient to High Energy Costs
  25. Airline Passengers in Developing Countries Face 13 Times Risk of Crash as U.S., First World, Says Transportation Science Study
  26. An overview of APSIM, a model designed for farming systems simulation
  27. Analysis of the Influence of Global Threats on the Sustainable Development of Countries and Regions of the World Using Bayesian Belief Networks
  28. Analyzing the sustainability of harvesting behavior and the relationship to personality traits in a simulated Lotka–Volterra biotope
  29. Apache OFBiz
  30. Application of Grey Clusters in the Development of A Synthetic Model of the Goals of Polish Family Enterprises' Successors
  31. Applications of Fast-Moving RFID Tags in High-speed Railway Systems
  32. Applied Probability Notes
  33. ArangoDB
  34. Assessment of External Cost as an Aggregated Indicator of Sustainable Industrial Development - Air Pollution Case Study in Ukraine
  35. Awesome R
  36. Balaban Valley Project:Improving the Quality of Life in Rural Area in Turkey
  37. Becoming a Scholar - Cross-cultural reflections on identity and agency in an education doctorate
  38. Bibliometric Overview of Operations Research/Management Science Research In Asia
  39. Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure
  40. Bokeh
  41. Bubbles, Crises, and Policy
  42. CMPL
  43. COIN-OR Optimiser Suite
  44. COIN-OR Projects
  45. COVID-19 In Afghanistan: Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices & Impact --- by Samuel Hall
  46. CVXPY--- Convex Programming tools by Prof. Dr. Stephen Boyd
  47. Capacity-building for health research in developing countries: a manager’s approach
  48. Case Study on Logistics Performance
  49. Cassandra
  50. Celebrating 1000 open access books

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